Say You’re Sorry

Say You’re Sorry is a timely, insightful podcast series about public apologies, exploring why they’re harder to give (and receive) than you might expect. By going deep on nine different apologies — for everything from YouTube drama to sexual harassment to Cold War experiments — the show offers a new way to think about what it means to say you’re sorry.


Audible · Say You’re Sorry by Lux Alptraum, Narrated by Lux Alptraum and Siona Peterous (Trailer)


Lux Alptraum


Lux Alptraum is a writer and podcast host with a penchant for thorny and difficult topics. Prior to Say You’re Sorry, she was the host of season two of New York Magazine’s Tabloid podcast, which takes a look at the cultural fall out of the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape. She also served as a development producer on Fusion’s Peabody nominated show, Sex.Right.Now, and spent several years as editor of Gawker Media’s infamous sex blog, Fleshbot. Her first book, Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex — And the Truths They Reveal, examines our collective obsession with feminine deceit.

Siona Peterous


Siona is a writer, producer, and reporter who is fascinated by the personal stories that exist at the intersection of the political and the cultural. Her work is informed by the principles of movement journalism and she has experience focusing on issues of arts & culture,  race, migration, and gentrification stateside and abroad. Her start in audio began with an internship on Vox’s daily podcast “Today, Explained” and she eventually went on to launch her own podcast-turned-radio series “OwnYourStories.” Siona was a 2020 Air New Voices Scholar and currently, she’s a producer on an up-and-coming podcast with Complex Networks.  In her free time, Siona’s either cooking, curating playlists for all her homies, or striking convo with strangers. You can find more of Siona’s work at and you can listen to her radio show at

Julia Llinas Goodman


Julia Llinas Goodman is a writer, producer, and sound editor based in Brooklyn, NY. Their work focuses on the intersections between identity, community, and public health. Julia was a 2020 fellow at NPR member station KALW, and has written and produced for outlets including OZY Media, Jacobin magazine, and The Establishment. They currently work as an associate producer for Flash Forward and Gender Reveal, and co-host the leftist feminist podcast Season of the Bitch. In their spare time, Julia loves exploring nature, watching horror movies, and being a parent to their two perfect cats.

Candace Manriquez Wren


Candace Manriquez Wrenn is a producer and educator based in Los Angeles. She is interested in the intersection of race, gender and class in media representations. Among other things, she has worked as a public radio reporter for AZPM, Tucson’s NPR affiliate, as a producer for American Public Media’s Marketplace, as a consulting producer for Duke University’s Ways and Means podcast and as a reality show writer/producer. She is currently a senior creative producer for Spotify Studios and a journalism instructor at California State University, Long Beach.

Julia Furlan


Julia is an Brazilian-American podcast host, editor and an adjunct professor at The New School and NYU. Most recently, she edited the video and podcast series Where We Come From for NPR and hosted Go For Broke, a six-part narrative series for Vox Media about the dotcom boom. She’s hosted and produced audio for places like BuzzFeed News, NPR, WNYC, and Latino USA. All of her work is rooted in a belief in uplifting underrepresented voices. In her free time, Julia can be found propagating a small jungle of spider plants and biking to the beach.

Ariana Martinez

Sound Designer

Ariana Martinez is a multimedia artist, radio documentarian, and sound designer. Ariana has created radio feature stories for BBC 4’s Short Cuts and BBC 3’s The Essay. They were the sound designer and engineer for Brain on Nature, which was named one of the “Best Podcasts of 2019” by the Financial Times. Ariana has also contributed their skills to Transcripts (a podcast for the Tretter Transgender Oral History Project) and Netflix’s Prism: Tales of Your City. Ariana’s work has appeared at HearSay Festival, LUCIA Festival, Open City Documentary Festival, and The Barbican Cultural Centre’s Soundhouse. In their spare time, Ariana likes to draw with crayons, take long walks with no destination, and write sweet letters to faraway pals.

Rose Eveleth

Executive Producer

Rose Eveleth is a writer and producer who explores how humans tangle with science and technology. She’s the creator of Flash Forward Presents and host of Flash Forward and Advice For And From The Future. In her work, she’s covered everything from fake tumbleweed farms to million dollar baccarat heists. When she’s not ten thousand miles deep in a research hole she creates strange ceramic sculptures.

Lara Blackman

Executive Producer for Audible

Lara Blackman is a senior editor and producer at Audible Originals, working to tell immersive, thought-provoking stories in the audio format. She’s worked with writers and creators such as Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen, Anne Helen Petersen, JP Brammer, Weike Wang, Edan Lepucki, and many more. Prior to joining the Audible team, she worked at Simon & Schuster and The Carol Mann Agency. She lives in Jersey City.

Theme music by Michael Aquino. Episode art by Augusto Zambonato.